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Sagami Original 002 Box 20 Pcs

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Sagami Original 002 is carefully crafted at only 0.02mm thin and conquers other general latex condoms in strength and longevity.

  • Spectacularly warm and smooth sensation ensuring a raw feeling

  • Safe to use non-latex polyurethane material especially for users allergic to latex

  • Excellent bulk purchase value

Brand Sagami
Size Regular
Fit Slightly Tighter Fit
Shape Straight
Surface Smooth
Colour Transparent
Scent No Scent
Material Non-Latex Polyurethane  
Dimensions  Measurement
Thickness 0.02mm
Nominal Width 36mm±2mm (1.42 inches)
Nominal Length 170±5mm (6.7 inches)

See Size and Fitting Guide

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