Okamoto Pure Margaret Extra Jelly Box 12 Pcs

Okamoto Pure Margaret Extra Jelly Box 12 Pcs

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Okamoto Pure Margaret Extra Jelly is presented in a floral package, coated with an abundance of hyaluronic acid jelly.

  • The unique floral packaging camouflages itself from traditional condom wrapping 

  • A rich coating of hyaluronic acid, seven times the normal amount, moisturisers the condom enabling a prolonged smooth experience

  • Hyaluronan lubricant hydrates the condom and masks the rubber latex smell

Brand Okamoto
Size Regular
Fit Smooth Fit
Shape Straight
Surface Smooth
Colour Blue
Scent No Scent
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Dimensions  Measurement
Thickness 0.03mm
Nominal Width 53mm±2mm (2.0 inches)
Nominal Length 175±5mm (7.1 inches)

See Size and Fitting Guide

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