Sagami Lemonade Box 5 Pcs

Sagami Lemonade Box 5 Pcs

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Sagami Lemonade exudes a refreshing lemon fragrance blanketed with soft exciting dots to enhance extra stimulation, especially for females.

  • The lemonade flavoured lubricant is water based, ensuring an easy insertion and preventing any nasty chaffing/micro-cuts

  • An abundance of soft-grained dots, strategically scattered on the surface of the condom promises for a delicate and erotic massage

  • The blue lemonade flavour is perfect for oral sex 

Brand Sagami
Size Regular
Fit Slightly Tighter Fit
Shape Straight
Surface Dotted
Colour Blue
Scent Lemonade
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Dimensions  Measurement
Thickness 0.03mm
Nominal Width 53mm ±2mm (2.05 inches)
Nominal Length 175±5mm (7.1 inches)

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

This has got to be my favourite. Really love this product, smells nice and feels good. Would definitely buy again!